World Class Science and Management Institute

The World Class Science & Management Institute (WCSMI) provides educational engineering solutions as well as high-level international education to Chinese students and managers all over China. For many years now, we have been striving to meet the growing need of Chinese graduates and managers for a more career-enabling and transformative learning experience through high-quality international academic curriculum.

Officially registered in Hong Kong, WCSMI was founded by several university professors in China, and Chinese expatriates originally based in France. WCSMI was created with the support of International Relations Departments of Chinese local governments, University departments, as well as the Sino-European Chamber of Commerce based in Paris. Our Institute currently works with famous institutions both in France and in China (see our partners) and boasts a great number of representative offices all over China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen etc.


While WCSMI’s goal is to create a bridge between Europe and China, its mission is thus to contribute to educate graduates and professionals to communicate and work more effectively in a world of diversity. It also aims at giving new possibilities and chances to people who need a change or a new start in their lives thanks to academic improvement.

Thanks to our cross-cultural understanding of both China and Europe, as well as our extensive network of partners in both regions, we are able to create efficient and long-lasting partnerships. WCSMI thus commits to a trustful, transparent, and responsible relationship.

Our Goal 1

+ To provide support to international academic institutions in educational engineering (program design etc.) in direct connection with businesses.

Our Goal 2

+ To meet the needs of Chinese professionals and administrations regarding HR and training issues.

Our Goal 3

+  To help Chinese students improve their skills and get a more international vision through quality academic courses.


WCSMI’s job is both to deliver academic courses & training, and to offer expertise in academic program design and coordination. We thus provide consulting services to International education institutions (universities, business schools etc.) that wish to develop their academic programs in China.

Executive Education

We specialize in executive education, and provide tailored training to middle or senior managers as well as CEOs all over China.

In partnership with both Chinese and international education institutions (business schools, universities), we can help companies find solutions to upgrade their human resources by providing quality training at master’s and post-master/doctorate levels. We can thus offer general MBA or DBA programs, as well as specific Master’s programs in subjects such as International Finance, Lean management, Cultural Industry management etc.

Continuous Education

Our continuing/continuous education programs are designed for adult part-time students who need to develop their knowledge and skills in specific areas in order to get a higher degree.

These formal courses can be delivered at both undergraduate (BA) or graduate levels (Master, MSc). We even offer a formal PhD in Management for future researchers and university professors.

Initial Education

WCSMI also provides initial education and training at bachelor’s or master’s levels to Chinese students who wish to upgrade their current academic level (zhuanke to benke for example).

This may be through online courses provided by international universities in partnership with Chinese training institutes, as well as blended or face-to-face classes. So far, most programs focus on management, business, finance, HR, marketing or communication subjects.

Customized Short Programs

Thanks to its close partnerships with French and International universities or business schools, WCSMI may also offer customized short programs for specific needs and purposes.

These programs may combine online with more traditional classroom training. Upon request.


WCSMI benefits from having an experienced, international and diverse team of academics and industry experts from China and Europe. This allows to create programs that combine business as well as teaching expertise with a clear international vision.

Dr. SONG Shudong/ Professor in Strategy

Business Innovation and Strategy Management Specialist

Dr. PAN Guoling / Professor in Finance

Financial Risk Management and International Finance Specialist

Dr. YANG Xue/Professor in HR Management

Human Ressource Management and Talent Development Specialist

Dr. SU Yu / Professor in Marketing

Digital Marketing Management and Cross-Cultural Marketing Specialist


We work with some renowned universities and institutions to provide international and high-level academic training all over China.


If you are an international academic institution and wish to develop some of your programs in China, do not hesitate to contact us for more details. We can discuss and help you find the best way to adapt your courses to the Chinese environment.


RM 702, 7/F  S.P.A CTR
Hong Kong


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